Susan W.
on 10/4/11 8:15 pm - Tulsa, OK
Hello to everyone.just thought i would get on here and see how everyone is doing today.this week sure is starting to fly by fast.the weather has been soo nice we are praying it stays that way for a while yet.

i was just reading on the msn home page where they are saying how the post offices are having money problems and they are talking about ending sat mail service they also are saying it is time to raise the price of stamps again.they think they should put them up to one dollar.that is way too much.

we sure do miss coming to the group on friday night's in we want to give everyone a hugthis way.

everyone have  a great day.i have to get ready for work soon.also have to start thinking about halloween.will be here before we know it.where we lived in the apt's we did not have too many kids around but here at our house lots of kids coming through here all the time we have some that live right behind us.

we love and miss you all.god bless.susan
on 10/6/11 4:00 am - Nixa, MO
I have the best headband for Halloween. It has is like octopus/snakes of flexible tubing with lights in it sticking up and bobbing around. Got it at Silver Dollar City the one time we went there this summer. No more season passes for us - we just don't use them enough. It's either too crowded or too hot or too rainy or something. Just don't think we have enough desire to be there. I love the craft festivals but that's about all I'm interested in.

We always have zillions of kids for Halloween. Every year I threaten to not turn on the porch light and then we do and John loves the little kids. I like to see the costumes but I get tired of getting up and opening the door. If it's warm I think I'll just sit on the front steps with my candy.

Hugs to you and Andy. I sure miss you guys.


Adamsamah, Lana
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