Susan W.
on 10/6/11 8:03 pm - Tulsa, OK
Hello to all.hope everyone had a good week.these weeks sure are flying by fast.
the weather sure has been nice,they are calling for some rain here in a day or two maybe we will get some could use a little of it.sure did get lots of wind last night.

getting to be that time of year where we need to bring some of my plants indoors so the cooler weather dont ruin them.

lana sounds like your headband for halloween is cute.we know what you mean by silver dollar city being busy.we went there one time with my brother and his family.we liked to walk around and look at things my brother's son loved all the rides.
did your friend make it down to see you.we know you will miss all the kids at school when you retire.andy and i miss you too.

jeanie rae sure good to see you on here again.sounds like you really like what you are doing.if you are ever in oklahoma let us know we sure would like to say hello to you and give you a big too lana.

everyone have a great day.have to get ready later on to take andy to school i am off work today and have some errends to run.we love and miss you all.god bless susan.
L. Rios
on 10/6/11 10:46 pm - Springfield, MO
Good Morning Susan!  Sounds like you and Andy are keeping pretty busy!  I miss seeing everyone on here.  I stop by when I can.  I hope all is well with everyone! :D

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