Susan W.
on 11/4/11 8:55 pm - Tulsa, OK
Good morning to everyone sorry it has been a long time since i have been on here.just thought i would write and see how everyone was doing.

we just found out that tulsa had a small earthquake about 200am this morning.andy was up for a moment and felt something but did not think nothing of it.i was sound alseep.

i just wanted to ask everyone to keep my brother and his inlaws in prayer his wife's brother passed away last night.he had some form of cancer for a while and it was being taken care of.he went to take a nap yesterday they went to check on him and he would not respond to them they rushed him to the hospital and by the time they got him there he was gone.his mother's birthday is just one week from now.

everyone have  a great day we love you all and miss ya too.have a great day god bless susan
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