Has anyone tried Depaul or St Alexis

on 11/13/11 12:13 pm - IL
VSG on 07/24/12
Hi guys

I am in the St Louis region.  And I am trying to get lined up and get started again toward WLS.

Two years ago I did attend a seminar for Depaul and was impressed with the suregeons seemed at that time was ahead of the rest.  I ended up being denied and without any additional help from my primary.  With my weight and other health concerns I changed primary doctors in the last week and my new doctor is pushing real hard for the gastric.  She asked me on my first visit if I had a preference as she would refer me into there program.   My original thought was WOW... After a 5 month process last time to get denied and she is wanting to know who I would like to go to right away..

So here is my question.  I have heard Depaul has a good program but the support and the hospital it self after the fact has some problems that occor quite often. 

I had several of my co-workers use the New-Start program at St Alexis Hospital in which they recomended this to me.  I could not tell you the first thing about this hospital or located.

These are the 2 programs that I know of... Someone said that St Johns or MOBAP may have programs.   My family really had some problems with a surgery (non WLS) that went bad at Barnes over the summer so I would like to not think about that right now.

Where and what kind of expeirences did you have

Any help would be appreciated

on 11/23/11 1:11 pm - St Louis , MO
DS on 03/26/13
I had surgery at SSM DePaul.  Dr Scott is a great surgeon, I did not like the handling of "office matters"  My suggestion is to find one person to always talk to about office stuff.  You Do get bounced around.  The in patient was good, not great in step down, a bit disorganized.  But once you get to the 9th floor where all of us go they know there stuff.  Dr Scott and Dr Morales rule - what they want and what their patients need  goes as law,  as they must bring in big bucks to the hospital.  the program has  hired more and more staff and moved to larger offices.  I had VSG 11/02/10 I cannot believe it was a year ago.  I had some complications in surgery and Dr scott handled it superbly!! No recovery problems at all or any complication ever.  Just a bit of reflux if it eat "wrong".  By the way Dr Scot is also doing WLS surgery at SSM St Clare hospital in Fenton, MO ( south west County)  Be VERY grateful you have an advocate in your PCP.  My BIG complaint is the follow up program.  the three times I have attended I had to take vaction days from work as they only meet at DePaul at 530 pm .  I get off work between 6-7 and the meeting is over at 7pm.  And the walk from the parking lot to the May center auditorium is long and steep with no rest areas for the morbid obese esp for me It is a near as impossible for me to get into the building. And God Know with my prayers being sent heavenly I NEED A SUPPORT GROUP.  Any specific questions. I have not one regret in having my surgery. Maja
on 12/21/11 11:50 pm
 I cannot recommend Dr Van Wagner any higher. He has it all under control. He works thru St Alexius and Jefferson Regional. He, from what I understand, is the surgeon that brought the programs to St Louis. His office staff is amazing. You are assigned a patient advocate from his office at the very beginning and are also assigned a dietician. They all are accessible thru email and phone at anytime and are there to help you with everything. He is also an excellent surgeon. His office is off of Lemay Ferry Road. 

VSG 12-7-11                        

on 1/18/12 9:40 am - Sullivan, MO
 Bob...Iused St Alexius with Dr Norbert Richardson as surgeon and Dr  Van Wagoner as his assistant.   They are equally amazing bariatric surgeions  and always assisted each other until Dr Richardson moved to Columbia, MO.   New Start seems to have a problem keeping office staff but I cant say I really have any complaints.  I live in Sullivan which is over an hour away so I dont take advantage of their support programs.

St Alexius is an older hospital but was very clean and the staff was very attentive to my  needs.  No complaints there, either.

I would highly recommend Dr Wagoner at St Alexius
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