anyone been re-sleeved?

on 12/28/10 12:46 pm
VSG almost two years ago--never lost appetite and always  been able to eat more than others who have had surgery. I did not do my part either--keep a journal of food I ate, exercise daily, support groups etc., but I sure thought the sleeve would make it easier. If I had the will power to do all those things --I would have BEFORE surgery! BTW--My ins. did NOT cover one cent of my surgery--I paid for it myself! I had a couple of friends who had surgery around the same time and still can not eat much! one lost over 75 lbs and one over 100 --without exercise, journal, etc. same Dr also.  Just curious if anyone has been re-sleeved with improved success the second time around? Please don't let me discourage anyone!! Everyone is different! I see that with my friends mentioned above! I truly am jealous of their success and embarrassed of my failure!

 -10.5 pre-op

on 5/29/11 11:52 am
i had my sleeve almost 3 years ago. i lost the most wt 72 pounds. i now sitting at 52 pound lost. so im exercising, journaling, and struggling to loose wt..recently visited my doctor. he reassured me that it was me..not the procedure. im still trying. but i did let the carbs sneak back i will continue to try. much luck. best of success.charlene
on 11/4/11 5:05 am - MS
     Dr Bellanger did my sleeve in May 07 and I lost about 25 lbs the first 3 months and then I was back able to eat more again.   I now have gained all that weight back plus an extra 30 !!!   I went to a new Dr last month and he did and endoscopy and found that my stomach is still quiet large.    So please dont think its just YOU or that your a failure because Im there too!!   My new Dr didnt want to talk about a re-sleeve until he saw how large my stomach is.   Now hes willing to re sleeve,   plication or gastric bypass.     I was self pay also.    Very disappointed .