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on 8/31/12 1:29 pm - Irvine, CA
Hello Members,

On a daily basis we get calls from members in desperate need of surgeons that will accept Medicaid and or Medicare for Bariatric surgery.  It breaks our hearts when we have to say "we don't know of any surgeons in your state we can refer you to". 

Can you please help us? If you know of any surgeons in your state that accepts Medicaid and or Medicare, will you list their:


If they accept Medicare and or Medicaid

Phone number



This list will remain here for our members to access and use.

Thank you so much!!!


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on 2/13/08 1:04 pm - MT
Hi, First of all, in order for a surgeon to accept Medicare, they have to be a Center of Excellence. There is only one Center of Excellence in the State of Montana and that would be in Great Falls. I honestly do not know if they accept Medcaid. Dr. Davide Rohrer Benefis 400 13th Avenue South, Suite 101 Great Falls, Montana 59405 1-406-771-8411 I do know that both Dr. Martin and Dr. Mortenson are located in the same building as Dr. Rohrer. Dr. Beth Martin Dr. Dale Mortenson

Bariatric Institute Benefis Bariatric Institute offices are located at:

400 15th Avenue South Great Falls, MT Phone 406.455.2814 Their website If anyone has any questions, they can always PM me. Leslie
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on 9/3/08 12:42 pm - WHITEFISH, MT
Dr. Jawad's clinic is in Ocala Florida.  My friend is having a procedure there next month.

Dr. Shebani is a Medicare provider and is presently accepting Medicare patients for Gastric Bypass surgery. Medicare patients whom are considering Bariatric Surgery should call the office to arrange for a consult with Dr. Shebani to discuss their surgical options.       

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