HELP ( maybe TMI for some)

on 8/27/12 7:12 am - Canada
 I had trouble with constipation with the boost preop. Now it is way worse.  Did anyone else have that trouble?
I am eating prunes (babyfood) twice a day for snacks and I have used senekot.  My water intake is down some but not that much. I am getting about 48 oz a day ( about 6 cups) and I am walking. Short of dynamite I dont know what else to do.

Thoughts orsuggestions?
on 8/27/12 7:37 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12
 NEVER TMI as far as I am day 5 of my post op, I was in major pain...I used the Senokot S one and really had to double up on them....I tried prune juice and that seemed to help too, but....good luck...keep up the water too and think about taking some of the senokot S for post op too....that is my tip for the day....

Good luck
Tamera Kelly
on 8/27/12 3:32 pm - Fredericton, Canada
 I've gone once in two weeks, and my back is almost out (which is what happens when nothing happens) but I think I'm drinking too much water (2-3L) on the Boost, but I don't want to take anything and ruin chance of surgery.  I tend to  get blocked easy anyway.

Charline M.
on 9/6/12 4:02 pm
VSG on 02/23/12
Peg works for me.  i don't go nearly as often as before, but it at least keeps some form of normalcy for me.  It's similar to Restoralax I believe but way less expensive.  it's tasteless and I also use it for my 5 year old daughter for her irregularity and she's now pretty regular.  My family doctor said it was one of the best things to take but you have to make sure you have plenty of water.  :)
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