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I'm posting on several boards to get as much response as possible- Thanks! Hi everyone, It's been on my mind for a while and I ahve decided to take action. So, I thought I'd put it out there, see what comes back and depending on the response, try to put together set of a comprehensive results. Thanks in advance for your help ( and for not FLAMING me... ! If you had to take a "written" test to help you understand if you were prepared to deal with, take on, cope with WLS, would you take it? What quetions would be on this test? If there were a test to help you determine where you needed to improve your skills and habits in order to have a successful WLS, what would be on it? If there were a test you could take periodically to assess your strengths and weaknesses in your pre- and post-WLS progress, would you use it? What topics would it cover? if there were a workshop for your "circle of support" to take to help you on your journey, would you ask them to participate? Why or why not? Would this be a one shot deal or a series of workshops? If there were a test devised to suggest and/or assess which WLS would be most successful for you, would you take it? What questions do you think should definitely be on it? If there were an assesment you could use to determine if your WLS medical team was a good fit for you, would you use it? What questions would be on it? What info would you "have" to know? How would you define WLS "success"? How would you define being "WLS-challenged"? Thanks again!!!!
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