Would you do it all over again?

A T.
on 4/24/11 9:49 pm - Hamilton, Canada

I am going through the process for surgery and wanted to know how many of you that have
had WLS surgery  and  would do all over again?

Karen M.
on 4/24/11 9:51 pm - Mississauga, Canada
In a heartbeat, yes!



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on 4/24/11 9:58 pm - Canada
 even with all the bull**** leading up to the day my surgery came 

yes i would no question about it.
on 4/24/11 10:08 pm - Canada
YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd be willing to bet that you won't get too many negative responses to this question...I asked the same at the beginning and it is a very good question.   What I DO regret is that I was so late [age-wise] coming to this idea... 

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on 4/24/11 10:16 pm - Cambridge, Canada
I think a picture is worth a thousand words....

Here's me a few years ago: (I'm in the orange/red at the front)

I weighed almost 300lbs.  The whole time I was standing here with my good friends, I was thinking "holy CRAP.  I need a chair!  My back is killing me."  and "all these people look the same as we did in University.  I look like a cow."  That must have been why I was drinking.

Here's me this year at my friend's wedding:

150-ish pounds.  Maintaining for the last year.  I ran a 5K last spring in 33 minutes and lived to tell the tale.  This dress is a size 6.  I can't wait to get together with my university friends again - I look better than I did in school!  I'm a grandma and feel younger than I have in 20 years.

This surgery, and the hard-core effort I put into following the diet rules and exercising post-surgery, was the best thing I ever did for myself.  I don't regret it for a second. I'd recommend it to my best friend, my favorite boss, or my darling children.  Anyone who struggles with weight and the accompanying issues can have their life transformed by WLS. 

If they work at it. 

Had to add that part.  Just didn't want you to think from my post and others than WLS is a miracle cure - it only gives you the tools to use to get healthy.  You need to use the tools!
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on 4/25/11 4:44 am - Canada
VSG on 05/11/12
Oh WOW, Erica!!!

You look totally transformed - thanks for the inspiration! 

on 4/24/11 10:35 pm - Bolton, Canada
Most definitely!   Even though it felt like I got hit by a mack truck post op.  The most thing I am upset about, is why did I wait so long to do it.


on 4/24/11 10:42 pm
I'll repeat Karen's answer..in a heartbeat! Best thing I have ever done for myself and my family.
on 4/24/11 10:47 pm - Canada
I agree, in a heartbeat!  Wish I had done it sooner.


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on 4/24/11 10:58 pm - Mississauga Ontario, Canada
I just ran 8.5 miles and I am going to do the Half marathon next Sunday!!!
YES....YES.....YES.....In a heart beat....

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