Back from Disney - Wow

on 8/17/11 10:50 pm - Cambridge, Canada
Hi everyone,

Well I'm back from a 10 day vacation at Disneyworld!  Have missed tons on the boards.
There were so many wow moments I wanted to cry.
Starting with the plane and doing up the seat belt and having lots of room to spare, fitting in rides with no problem at all (havn't been on a ride in years).  Walking for hours and not needing to sit down.  It was hot so there was sweating but not like before.

Eating was a little difficult.  Dinner was easy but the rest was a struggle.  I survived and adapted.

I am down a total of 60lbs since I started this journey.  I still can't believe it. 
Love this new life, wouldn't change my decision for anything.


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Karen M.
on 8/17/11 11:14 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Good for you Char!  Thrilled that you had such a good time!



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on 8/17/11 11:21 pm
It must be like an overwhelming-positive-satisfaction if that makes any happy for you!

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laura S.
on 8/17/11 11:28 pm - London, Canada
That's awesome Char!!!  Sounds like you had such a good time.  What a different trip it would have been before surgery huh?  Good for you!!!


on 8/18/11 12:54 am - Pickering, Canada
 Oh ho wonderful for you! I'm just imaging what that plane seat belt will be like. What great incentive to coninue on this journey of ours.
on 8/18/11 6:37 am - Hamilton, Canada
I am so glad to hear that travel was easier for you.  I LOVE to travel, and I have always ruined some of the fun with the anxiety related to the plane.  I hate being the chick that everyone stares at in the terminal .... I could see their thoughts 'Please don't let her be sitting next to me'.  Also, the flight attendants automatically handed me a seat belt extender, which was appreciated, but mortifying at the same time.

I am really hoping to go away in April. 

Thank you for the hope!
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