When will I feel better?

on 8/21/11 5:27 pm - Canada
Hi Everyone!
I had my surgery on August 18th and I feel so crappy. I know its what I should feel like considering I just had a major surgery but it sucks.I am always burp-hiccuping because there is always air in my pouch, the gas pains SUCK, my insions are a bit tender, I pulled muscles in my back and chest from trying to maneuver without using my tummy to much, I have diarrhea, and I am soooooo sick of jello, broth and juice..Like why does most things we eat at this stage have to be so sweet?!? YUCK!! I'm so tired of sweetness I want some salty/ savoury..lol..I guess I just more or less needed to vent.. I know in the long run I will be happy I did this and these tough days will be a distant memory but right now I keeping thinking what the hell did I do to myself?????????
Trying to stay strong!
-Lovin Life!!
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on 8/21/11 7:19 pm - Canada
i had my sugery on the 15 of aug and i feel the same as u....i cant sleep in a bed i have to sit in a lazy boy chair to try and sleep because the gas pains in the chest and incisions are unbarable......but you have to keep getting that gas out.....or you will have a hard time...most of my gas is in my chest.......i started on puree soup today but it ended up hurting  and giving me more gas pain....i know how you feel just keep going....i wonder why i did this to...but in the end i will be heailter....if i dont die from gas first lmao....chin up and keep going.....
on 8/21/11 7:41 pm - Canada
 Walking will help with the gas pains. Just go slow and listen to your body so you can stop before you wear yourself out too much.

I hear you on the sweet stuff. I've always been a salty person myself, so I LOVED broth. I was *so* happy when I got to move to full fluids so I could start having soups.

It will get better, I promise. Then you'll hardly remember these days.
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Sharon S.
on 8/21/11 7:42 pm - Burford, Canada

You just have to keep in your mind that the way you are feeling is just temporary.  Soon it will pass and then you start to feel better every day. 

I am 7mths post-op just celebrated my 61st birthday but feel more like 41.  I don't remember when I felt this good.

You will get there!!

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on 8/21/11 9:47 pm
gasX stips, works instantly! Hope your all feeling better soon
Megan M.
on 8/21/11 9:57 pm - Canada
I hear you loud and clear on the sweetness of everything - I was dying for something savoury/salty - so I know how you are feeling about that.  But this is all part of the process and you just have to accept that.  You're fresh out of surgery, so you'll be gassy, you'll have pain, it'll be hard to sleep, you'll move to compensate for one part of your body and probably pull something in another - it does suck, but it's not going to be forever.  In another week you'll wonder what you were talking about.  Hang in there, all you new post-ops.  It'll get better and better each day.  Come here and vent to the veterans and the recent post-ops - remember, we all know what you're going through.

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on 8/21/11 10:29 pm - Burlington, Canada
So how long does this stage of being unwell last? I am worried now Hope you feel better soon.
Tanya T.
on 8/21/11 10:47 pm
It gets better I am a week out today and very much of the same things. I wasn't sleeping last night was my first night I didn't end up in the lazy boy. I notice each day it gets better hang in there and take it slow.  I am not one to usually take things slow after surgery but this time I did I want to heal correctly.
Stay Strong!!



Karen M.
on 8/21/11 10:48 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Well, you know.... you DID just have major abdominal surgery!  Vent away though - I sure remember feeling like hell the first week or so.  It does get better everyday - hang in there. :)



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on 8/21/11 11:03 pm
I am 4 weeks post op and I felt the same (plus I had BM issues) Week 1 I felt so weak and light headed. I felt the same as you, thinking when will this end? It does and I am feeling better and better each day! Stay strong you"ll be up and at em soon. Drink lots of water and get your protein in. I find if I miss my multi vitamin I am very weak.