One week post-op update

on 8/30/11 2:01 am - Welland, Canada
Well it's been one week today that I had my surgery. Ive lost a total of 21 lbs so far. I'm still having trouble drinking the 8 cups a  day but trying my hardest to work up to it, but it also don't help that I ended up getting a chest cold :(  The pain is almost non existent but to begin with it was really never an issue for me. I already had 2 bm (i know tmi) but happy to know it's working. I find at the moment that my energy gets low pretty fast after doing a little activity (I hope this is normal). Let me tell ya it feels good to be on the bench in stead of  under it lol
Have a great day

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on 8/30/11 2:18 am
I couldn't get in all the water either, just do the best you can.  And yes even though I was so hyped to get going, I found I got tired fast the first couple of weeks and it was xmas time too so I was probably doing too much.  So walking and sipping and you'll do great.

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on 8/30/11 2:22 am
I would like to know some things:
1)  what is a normal day for 1 week post op?
2)  how much resting are you doing each day?
3)  how difficult is it to sleep?

And congrats, it sounds like you are doing well.

on 8/30/11 2:43 am - Canada
I am almost 2 weeks post op.. but I thought I would answer your question..
1) A normal day at 1 week post op for me: Wake up at 6am have some diluted apple juice, walk around my apartment for about 10 mins to get the gas moving. Rest for about 2 hours (constantly sipping water). At 8 am I would have s/f jello and diluted cranberry juice for breakfast (it would take about an hour and a half to eat). Then I would walk again for 10-15 mins. Rest again (sipping water). At 11am I would have more apple juice and then walk again. Rest. 2pm I would have lunch which would be broth and juice. Walk again. I would usually nap from about 3pm-5pm. Then I would get up ,walk, take a shower. Then have some more juice. Rest. Then at 6:30 I would have dinner which was broth and juice. Then for the rest of the night i would walk 3-4 more times, constantly sip water, pop gas X (lol) and rest. I also alternated the juice with crystal lite.
2) I would rest as much as I could but I found my back would get really stiff if I sat or layed down too long.
3) Sleeping at 1 week post op was not hard for me. I tossed and turned a bit, had REALLY crazy dreams and I could only sleep on my right side or back..but it wasn't too bad.

i hope this helps you out abit! All the best!
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on 8/30/11 2:22 am - Ontario, Canada
VSG on 02/29/12
21 pounds - great progress Carole.  Regarding the other things - it will all improve with time.  Keep up the great work!!

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Connie W.
on 8/30/11 3:14 am - Canada
So great to hear that you are doing well Carole!!
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Heidi S.
on 8/30/11 3:42 am - Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
You go Girl .. you're doing great ... all the best on your journey


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Derek C.
on 8/30/11 4:21 am - North Bay , Canada
Yipee - Great for you - im one week post op as well - i didnt have any pain after i left the hospital wit the exception of going from flat out lying down to sitting up - im walking at least three times per day although my dog kinda slows me down - i too forget the water as it seems like im always eating or sipping a shake

Congrats on your efforts so far and keep it going








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on 8/30/11 4:34 am
Carole that is great!!
I am two weeks out and have to work at getting my water in. That is the hardest for me.

Best of luck,
Keep us posted :)


Tanya T.
on 8/30/11 12:27 pm
That's awesome Carole you are doing such a great job.  Hope the cold goes away soon.  I too am still working the water thing so your not alone.