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on 6/25/22 6:06 pm - Eugene, OR

I had my RNY Gastric Bypass in 2007, when this page of OH was very busy. There was a group of us from all over the (mostly western) side of the state who would get together monthly. I miss you all. I initially lost 85 pounds of my 100 pounds overweight. I gained back 15, then 20, and have been at this same weight ever since. I did end up with severe hypoglycemia, but if I watched what I ate (I do), it wasn't much of a problem. Earlier this year however, I started to have trouble swallowing. It's not terrible, but I do have to be careful. I had an upper endoscopy and found I have low motility (which means my esophagus doesn't contract properly to help move food along, and I have a hiatal hernia. I figured this wasn't too bad, I could still deal with that, but the report also said I had acid reflux. I thought that was crazy, as I had no symptoms. Well, a few months later and I am plagued with the most horrible heartburn. I've started using Prilosec and have a bottle of tums when that doesn't seem to do the entire job. Does anyone else 15 years after surgery have this problem? I've read that surgery may be necessary, but I've been hoping there is something else I can do. I've changed to a whole food plant based diet (vegan with no oil, salt or sugar), and I try to eat small amounts at a time, although I admit I can eat much more now than I could directly after surgery.

Other than that, how are you all doing? Anybody up for a reunion? It would be really nice to see you all again.

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