Thursday Roll Call

Lisa H.
on 9/26/12 9:22 pm - Whitehall, PA
Morning all....

so last night we went to the diner to break our fast. I got eggs, hash browns and rye toast.. then proceeded to enter a carb coma and it went downhill from there.. I couldn't seem to stop eating.. :( It wasn't anything necessarily "bad", but I didn't need the food. Don't even need to try to remember what I ate, but I do know that I am NOT going to let yesterday dictate what I do now.   I was on track for a full week and lost 8.2 lbs!!! I updated my tracker down below to reflect my "new start".  That will help me to maintain focus. 

New day today: volunteering for the United Way Day or Caring painting at one of the sites of the day care where Siehara went between ages 1 and 5. The info we received says they are providing breakfast and lunch. That tells me it will be something like bagels or donuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch. That also means that I will be bringing protein shakes to keep me on track where I've been for the past week. 

I'm Click'en now and will bring lots of water and a shake for lunch. We should be finished there around 3, so I'll come home and shower and have another shake before I head to Dress Barn for a few hours tonight. We are having a group of women come in from the local chamber of commerce to run a workshop for women who are trying to get out into the workforce. We have been collecting clothes for a few weeks and will give them to these women. They will also go over interviewing skills, as well as dressing for success, makeup application and other important skills to get out into the workforce. As much as I hate that I HAVE to work a second job, it makes me feel good that I work for such a company that really gives back in so many ways! I'm looking forward to going in tonight "looking the part" and helping to give confidence to these women.  

What are you all doing today? 

My tracker


Patricia R.
on 9/27/12 3:20 am - Perry, MI
Hi Lisa and PA,
This morning I was crazy busy with labwork, three doctors' appointments and multiple phone calls, before I came to relax at my volunteer job.  After this, I head home, eat supper, and then back out the door to do election campaign work for a few hours.

After that, I have to speak with my AA sponsee, and then get to bed.

I have been thinking of, and praying for Beth.  I hope she is doing okay with what's going on there.

Have a blessed rest of the day.


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

jackie M.
on 9/27/12 10:29 am - Sunbury, PA
RNY on 10/10/12
 I'm doing my shakes and liquids....  
I don't feel hungry.  Gonna go grab a sugar free jello for something cold and refreshing other than water.  

13 days..... till my new life begins.

HW 284.5, SW 247, GW 140       



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