Has anyone tried Protilife products??

on 10/28/13 3:55 am - Canada

I am 3 weeks post op this Wednesday and slowly but steadily moving along :-) I am back at work, so this means packing food items for my lunch and snacks. I have come across these products by Protilife that range from soups, protein shakes, soups, drinks and snack bars..not in the snack bar stage yet..but are curious about the other products. They are advertised to be high in protein..low in sugar..however a little high in carbs when I look at the nutritional facts. I will be meeting with my NUT in the next week and will be asking about these products. I was just wondering if anyone has heard or tried them. I am still using the Beneprotein in foods..however these seem like they would be very convenient to bring to work.



Available at Jean Coutu, Pharmaprix, Walmart, Uniprix and select Loblaws and Maxi stores.

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