Julie Nolan
on 4/16/11 12:37 pm - RI

At RWMC...there are the following meetings....

"Day-to-Day", ALL WLS before and after, (just passed) 1-3 PM - 2nd Thurs each Month

"Band-Aid" Bandster meeting on Tuesday, April 20th - 7-9 PM (3rd Tues each Month)

"Living Life" Post-Op ALL WLS meeting on Wednesday, April 21st - 7-9 PM (3rd Wed each Month)

"Loss Boys" Men ONLY meeting ALL WLS before and after on Wednesday, April 28th - 7-9 PM (4th Wed each Month)

"Weigh to Win" ALL WLS before and after meeting on Thursday, April 29th - 6 - 7:30 PM (4th Thurs each month)

Beginning in May....

All of thee above PLUS...

100% Spanish Speaking meeting -begins May 5th (1st Thurs each Month) 

Post-Op 2+ years ONLY - No exceptions...MUST be 2 years or MORE post-op any weight loss surgery - begins May 12th - 7-9 PM (2nd Thurs Monthly)

The Wednesday, Living Life Post-Op group and the Thursday, Weigh to Win ALL WLS group and the Thursday, Day-to Day Meetings are great ones if you're considering revision. We have members attend who have done so.

Keep in mind you can go to ANY support group in Rhode Island. The other support groups' information can be found in my profile pics.

Feel free to call me ANY time with ANY questions!



For Info about Rhode Island Support Groups, please email me!  [email protected]

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