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I am about 3 1/2 months post-op and have begun to experience debilitating cramps or "charley horses" in my legs in feet. Before my surgery, I would get them randomly in calves every now and then and they were terrible but rare and the pa

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - Surgery Day - 390 lbs

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I am in the hospital recovering from RNY. My surgery was about 14 hours ago. Coming out of surgery, my pain was very minimal. I was able to sup right away and walk around, make phone calls, etc. Then, once anesthesia wore off, the real pain hut I expec

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Tomorrow is the Big Day - At 12:30 pm ET tomorrow, August 26, 2015, my surgeon, Dr. Dieter Pohl will officially give me one of the biggest gifts I've ever received! It's not a quick fix, or an easy way out...

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I'm seeking comrads going through the same roller coaster of emotions that is their upcoming surgery. Maybe we can share our stories, hopes and concerns to help support each other and not feel quite so alone?


I'm also seeking those wh

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Hi there,

I'm from Johnston, 26/f 3 weeks til surgery, wondering if anyone out there is also having surgery soon or is in the process and could use advice or is post surgery and wouldn't mind sharing some insight, tips, advice, etc. from Rhode

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