Sleeve or Bypass?

on 1/31/12 10:22 pm
 Hi. (: I am at a loss as to which way to go. The bypass seems so...complex. I have diverticulosis and recently was hospitalized for diverticulitis. Messing with my intestines scares me. A little. I will tell more of my story in a bit, but have about 2 weeks to decide on Sleeve or Bypass. Off to the elementary school, for a bit. 

I am 32, female, 350, 5'7". 

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on 2/9/12 8:01 am - RI
hi there!!


First, I would really think about your decision before going for it. Did you talk with Dr. Pohl about your concerns? They are very different surgeries....both come with results... I think it will really be based on YOU and YOUR body. You know you more than anyone else.

Also, does your health insurance cover both procedures? Some insurances do not cover the sleeve...they only cover the bypass.

Bypass isn't really so complex. It seems overwhelming in the beginning, but you get used to it. I am over 5 months post-op from having bypass with Dr. Pohl, and in the beginning I thought I made such a bad choice... but it's the best thing I ever did!!! 

We are always here if you need support!!

on 3/5/12 1:43 am
 Thank you. (:

I have all of my stuff in, now just waiting to meet with Dr. Pohl and schedule the surgery. I am choosing the sleeve, as it seems the best fit for me. I am getting excited. This is third time that I have been approved, but I think I am finally ready. (:
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