Lap Band Effectiveness if Very Overweight

on 3/1/12 10:59 am - Cranston, RI
Okay, I just had my first meeting with the surgeon.  I had wanted to have just the lap-band.  He said given my weight, the lap-band would not be effective and recommends the sleeve followed by bypass once I lose 100 lbs.  Has anyone else had this experience?  Has anyone with over 200 lbs to lose used the lap band effectively?

Thanks for letting me know.  I was looking for the least invasive surgery and am faced with two of the most invasive surgeries.

on 3/4/12 1:13 pm - RI
Hi , I was also going for the lapband surgery but after meeting with my doctor a couple of times she spoke on how she thinks that the gastric bypass would be better for me. I went with what she said . I had the surgery done on Jan 10th 2012.  I have lost alittle over 70 pounds so far. Im doing great and feel so much better . I still have alot more to lose and I am to stay on this journey of mine.

I wanted to tell you I had a friend who had the lapband done and she is doing awesome...she has lost about 120 pounds so far and she needs to lose more ..she was well over 400 pounds.  I also have a cousin that had the lapband done and she has lost 70 pounds and then gained 20 back...not sure if it is something she is doing or isnt doing.

What they said to u about having the sleeve done then bypass..thats a first I have ever heard that being done. . I wish you the best of luck. keep in touch ok

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on 3/11/12 1:00 am

first your surgeon is not giving you the best option for you, he is giving you the best option HE can do, there is a BIG difference.  If you get the sleeve DO NOT let anyone butcher your stomach to revise to gastric bypass, which bypasses your pyloric valve.  postpone your surgery till you do more research and do yourself a favor and look into the DS.  you would have to travel to NY for that, but better than multiple revision surgeries. 

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