kathleen j.
on 11/5/13 2:46 am - Chepachet, RI

where can we go for help I had the band 2/2/2010 lost 115lbs now gained 75 back i NEED motavation .I have burning in my band all the time.

on 11/14/13 12:29 am - MA

I sympathize with you Kathleen.  I had the band 5 yrs ago, lost 60 lbs and gained back 55 so I am now looking into revision surgery.  Do you attend any of the support group meetings at either Roger WIlliams Hospital or The Merriam Hospital?  I always found those encouraging "back in the day" and have started attending again now, while wading through the approval process for another surgery.

kathleen j.
on 11/14/13 12:40 am - Chepachet, RI


I thought they stopped the meetings could you post where and when. I used to go every 3rd tuesday. Juile was the host . I think it was RWH .

Thank You so much


on 11/14/13 1:24 am - MA

Here is a link to the support group meetings at The Miriam Hospital r-bariatric-surgery/weight-loss-striders-keys-to-success.htm l and here is a link for support group meetings at Roger Williams ups.aspx

I've lost touch with Julie but she was a great coach and wonderful friend!  I believe she passed the support group on to someone else after she got sick.  Don't ask me the specifics, I'm not sure what's wrong but she didn't feel well enough to continue hosting the Living Life support group sessions that she championed from the beginning.

Maybe I'll see you there sometime!




kathleen j.
on 11/14/13 2:11 am - Chepachet, RI

Thank You so much :-)


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