Weight loss after pregnancy...

Angela I.
on 4/6/15 10:55 am - Trenton, TN

I am 3 years post op - (Jan 2012, RNY). I was losing weight at a decent rate for the first year. I went from 470 to 290. I decided to go on depo in Jan 2013. I gained about 15 lbs on that so my weight loss stopped. Because of that I decided not to stay on depo and went on the pill. Everything was going good til a back injury stopped any weight loss I was finally having again. From March 31st to August 1st I had 7 different rounds of steroids.


I thought ok now I can try to get back to losing weight when I found out in early October I was pregnant. I was told 3 weeks prior to getting pregnant (while on the pill) that I couldn't get pregnant. I was around 285 when I found out I was pregnant. My baby girl is due in late June. My main question is does anyone have any advice getting back into weight loss mode being over 3 years post op? I still want to get to my goal of about 175 lb, right now I am 310. I know it will be slow but I don't know what to do to lose weight but still get enough nutrition for my baby (I plan on breastfeeding as well). It is hard seeing my weight go up but I know its because I am 29 weeks pregnant but I am trying hard to not gain so much weight.

on 10/11/15 10:43 am - Union City, TN
RNY on 01/09/12

I know this is a late reply, but I am sort of in the same boat. I had my baby last November and breastfed until just a few weeks ago. I am now trying to get back into weight loss mode. I am just not sure where to get started. I am currently on day 3 of the 5 day pouch test and plan to go back to my post-op basics once I finish, but I am just not sure if it is too late for that or not. I did lose 6 lbs the first two days, though.

on 10/26/15 10:04 pm

Ok, Babies are here... Get with the program!... go back to your origional one...count your proteins, keep good carbs low, Take your vitamins and minerals. stop all sweets for a few weeks to get on the right foot, even fruits... get in your water.. You ladies can both do this I have confidence i you. I am 20 years post op from Obesity center in Mem....my surgery is not done anymore, but i have your issues and I am here for you.

I started at 292 1/2, and am presently at 160... Life got in the way and I had gained to 190.I was under tremendous stress, and as it was released, I began loosing again.... so I am back on the way now, and I have lowered my goal! I want to go to 145... 5'4"..

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