Having trouble with constantly drinking

Keydi B.
on 3/31/11 11:43 am - Elmwood Park, NJ

I am not a person who likes water.   I have trouble to drinking all the time.  I will drink after I eat.   However, I keep getting dehydrated.    I have tried the vitamin waters - nasty.   I love ff milk. I have been drinking that.   I have tried several diet snapples and don't like the sweetner taste. I will try crystal light lemonade but have tried the iced tea.   The first few sips are okay but then gagging.        

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melanie L.
on 3/31/11 11:51 am
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I can only drink diet peach snapple, dont like the other flavors. Have u tried power aid zero, of sugar free hawian punch. Those are good. Or even propel isnt too bad. I drink alot of targets brand (market pantry) zero calories though I only like the cherry and the grape.. And whats funny is I drink more at work then I do when Im home...

on 3/31/11 11:52 am
I can't stand that artificial sweetner taste either and I have a hard time drinking when I am not thirsty, especially if it is plain water.  I did find these Hawiian punch water bottle packets that are sugar-free and don't have aspartame and I LOVE them. They have a few different flavors.  Grape and Lemon Berry are my fav.  Something else that seems to help is drinking from a straw.  I know some docs shrug on that early out because they believe that you get more air, but I personally have had no issues with it.  In fact my NUT told me that she recommended it if I was having trouble getting in my water.  Whatever helps.  FF milk is good, has a little protein, but you will really have to watch it with the calories and carbs the farther post op you get.  Keep trying things and see what works for you.
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on 3/31/11 12:01 pm
TRy MIO Water Enhancer- by the Crystal Light in the grocery store- BUT TASTE NOTHING LIKE IT! IT has no calories sugar ect. They have a few flavors Fruit Punch, Peach Tea, Sweet Tea, Berry Pomagranite and one other one. It's realy good and NO AFTERTASTE!
on 3/31/11 1:45 pm
I started using a straw about three day after my surgery. That has had a world on difference in my fluid intake. Hope this helps.
on 3/31/11 3:03 pm
I'm a big fan of Propel Zero (Grape).  I don't know if that will be the case post-op, but it's worth a shot!

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on 3/31/11 10:15 pm
I drink sweet southern tea with splenda of course!

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on 3/31/11 11:20 pm
 I am drinking warm water or decaffeinated tea as I can't drink cold water.  The other waters that have been mentioned are the ones that my friend who had surgery drinks.  I guess you just have to keep trying til you find one you like.  I love ff milk like you, I drink at least 16 to 24 oz a day as everythin I read says milk helps with the weight loss!  Go FF MILK!
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