Ladies only: aunt flo...

on 4/3/11 3:28 am - MI
Hi ladies.

Aunt Flo has come and she is much much lighter. Almost like the first or last day flow but it has lingered I dont think anything is wrong, but is this typical? It seems to be going on and on and I keep waiting for it to really start... But it has been like four days of light light light.

on 4/3/11 3:39 am
Hormones are all crazy after surgery and rapid weight loss. I think just about EVERYTHING is normal when it comes to your period after surgery!


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on 4/3/11 3:58 am - Germany
 all my periods are light now and they linger it has not gotten any heavier.. 

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on 4/3/11 4:08 am - MI
Thanks ladies. I guess I am waiting for the RED to come and its been nothing like that. I imagine it will balance out eventually, but this is an added bonus really.
on 4/3/11 4:21 am - CA
Super jealous …. Its been horrid since my sleeve.. my only down side to the VSG… I bleed like someone shot me in the hotpocket!
Congrats on a lighter period… I wanna be like you
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Susan M.
on 4/3/11 5:08 am
Well I'm on my second one in four weeks!!
on 4/3/11 5:57 am - MI
Oh my! I guess I will count my blessings for now! :0