T minus 11 hours.

on 4/27/11 11:27 am
Well this is it.  I leave at 5am in the morning for my 8 am sleeve.  To all my friends going under with me tomorrow GOOD LUCK!!!  Lets meet back here and compare notes!  (I'm not even nervous yet - am I normal?)
on 4/27/11 11:37 am - Fayetteville, GA
Congrats!! Totally normal. I was more nervous when the surgeon's office sent the info to insurance for approval. I was excited the day of my surgery.
You will do great, keep us updated!!

VSG: 4/11/11 by Dr. Kevin McGill at Buckhead Bariatrics, Atlanta, GA.

Looking for Support Group near Fayetteville/Peachtree City, GA

Jan G.
on 4/27/11 11:46 am - WI
WOWEE..I am soo happy for you.. your DAY HAS COME!!
You are around the same wt and goal wt as I am and this would've been my month too but got into a setback. How tall are you do you mind me asking?

I will pray and ask for your continued healing~

Warmly, Jan

VSG: 08/05/2011   Age 62   5 foot:  HW: 207    SW 194   CW 156
on 4/27/11 11:52 am
5'3".  I've always been very "thick" and dont expect this surgery to work miracles and turn me into a bean pole - but a thinner and healthier me will be REFRESHING!!!
Good luck on your setbacks!  Hope you get here soon!
Jenny C.
on 4/27/11 11:52 am
Yay!  Yes, you're normal.  At least if I use me as the standard.  I leave at 6 for an 8:30.  I will be thinking of you & sending "smoooooooth" vibes.  Good luck.
sleeve genie
on 4/27/11 1:08 pm - Alhambra, CA
Yeah for you,  i just love hearing people are getting their sleeve,   i think most of us should have one lol  i was very calm because i knew this would save my life and it has.  I couldn't be happier,  all of my health issues have been resolved and i feel better than i have in over 20 yrs.  Remember to walk, sip, rest and repeat and be very good to yourself this first month and let your body heal.  You'll be so glad you did this  :o) jeani
      the start of my brand new life was on 5/28/10
                      aka  jeaniwantsasleeve!!                  

on 4/27/11 2:12 pm - KS
GOOD LUCK!! We'll see you on the sleeved side!
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