Giving up my daily glass of wine. Boo.

on 5/12/11 10:14 pm - VA
I really enjoy my daily glass of wine or two.  Sometimes I really like a margarita with Mexican food or a beer at a picnic.  I really like a fine wine paired with a lovely gourmet meal.  I know it's empty calories, and it's not on my NUT's plan.   My doctors rule is no beverages with calories ever, except for 1/2 cup fruit juice per day allowed.  I plan to give it up indefinitely once I start my pre-op diet. 

But I must say, I fear I will really miss it.  I'm not addicted to alchohol, just kind of attached to having a certain beverage  in certain situations, it if you know what I mean.     It's pleasant, tastes good, and relaxes me.  I don't get drunk or anything like that, and other than the calories (and cost) I haven't detected any negative consequences of my habits.

I gave alchohol  up once before when I was pregnant, so I know I can.  I'm just kind of in mourning.  How did you handle this? 

Did you give it up completely even though you really like it?  Did you lose your taste for it? Did you put alchohol back in your diet eventually?  How long after surgery did you wait?  Were you ever able to have a glass of wine with a fine meal again, given the no drinking while eating rule?

Thanks to all the veterans!
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on 5/12/11 10:26 pm, edited 5/12/11 10:27 pm
No I didn't give drinking up. No I didn't loose the taste. I drank within the first month post-op (carbonated beer) BAD BAD I know. I never followed the no drinking with eating rule. I guess I'm a rebel.

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on 5/12/11 10:35 pm - chesapeake, VA
My nutritionist told me once I started regular food, solid...I could have a glass of wine. I've had a few since then only need one glass to get me  its soon Im only 4 weeks out, but have no ill effects from it.  I thought it would be a lot longer to wait, but 1 month works for me...everything in moderation is the key of course!! Im sure everyone will have their different opinions on this subject.
on 5/12/11 10:37 pm - St Augustine, FL
I plan to go back to social drinking at the 3 month mark provided I am hitting my weightloss goals and it does not stop my weightloss. I dont mind giving it up until goal weight if it causes a problem with weightloss. In the past when I dieted I was always able to still lose with the occasional drink. Keyword occasional. I do love wine with a nice dinner too. And a beer by the pool cannot be outdone!
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on 5/12/11 11:44 pm
 I waited until I was 4 months post op before I tried alcohol. I get tipsy off half a glass of wine now. So, I drink very little. I follow the rules and never drink with meals. I wait 30 to 45 minutes after eating to drink any beverage.
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on 5/12/11 11:59 pm - Houston, TX
I think the reason I haven't made it to goal is because I've added alcohol back in.

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on 5/13/11 12:16 am
I was someone who had a daily drink, vodka tonic, wine..
I gave it up completely and don't plan on adding it back in until I'm close to goal. I've noted that as with many, it has slowed my past weight loss attempts.

That being said, there may be a time I will have one, depending on the cir****tances.. special occasions, but not for a while I think. I did have a sip of wine a week ago- a really nice red at a friends house. It was a tiny sip- and to my stomach, it felt like I had a shot of bourbon, not pleasant. I was one that drank shots of bourbon and tequilla straight, so I think my stomach is not ready!

I don't generally miss it- and I do not drink with meals, I wait at least 30 mins.
on 5/13/11 1:11 am - Four Corners, NM
What makes yer surgeon think that...fruit juice (fructose) DAILY is ANY BETTER than an occasional glass of wine, alcohol? 

you need to know your own issues.  Problem w/ ETOH pre-VSG..can be exacerbated post VSG.

My guidelines booze till 2 months out.  First x  3months out glass of red came on strong and fast...left even faster.  Hard to maintain the buzz

2 yrs out...not hard to maintain that buzz at all! Still takes alot less ETOH to party like a rockstar
So AND etoh bill ...significantly reduced post VSG!! 
on 5/14/11 3:15 am - TX
 Ok - I know I'm pitiful - but I don't know what ETOH is.  Bet you're tired of having to explain things to me!!
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on 5/14/11 3:32 am
 Ethanol alcohol.. booze!