nauceous after exercise

on 5/17/11 7:19 am - CA
Hey I am 22 days post op and went to the gym for the second time today. I was cleared last week for gym activity. I did the eliptical for about 8 minutes then rode 5 miles in 15 min on the exercise bike and then did a 5 min cool down on the treadmill. I was so shaky and pale after I got off the exercise bike and have been nauceous since. I am trying to get down a protein shake now and feel like I might hurl at any moment. Anyone else experience this after excising? I felt great prior to working out.
on 5/17/11 7:24 am - Austin, TX
VSG on 11/23/10 with
you need to eat more before you work out. about an hour before you go, try and eat a container of greek yogurt or something and see if that helps.

5 miles in 15 minutes on the bike seems a little excessive to me for someone who is only 3 weeks out. Maybe take it a little easier on there too.
on 5/17/11 7:44 am - CA
I just got sick all over my office. Think I'm gonna lay on my couch for a little while.
on 5/17/11 8:15 am - Austin, TX
I get horrible nause from dehydration. So keep water handy and sip... Also, chewing gum relieves the nausea very quickly because it stimulates saliva which is alcaline and neutralizes the stomach acid. I know we're not supposed to chew gum, but trust me, the gas from chewing gum is not nearly as bad as the puking feeling...
I always carry gum around for those situations...
on 5/17/11 9:29 am
Yep, blood sugar (low) and dehydration can both be causes of dizziness and nausea. Make sure you are well hydrated before working out and you keep your water bottle with you while you work out. Sip between exercises and take a break from the extensive biking! I think that's an awful lot of exercise for three weeks post op!! Eating something to keep your blood sugar up is good, too. I agree that Greek yogurt is a good choice! Maybe take a mozzarella cheese stick to munch as soon as you're done, too!


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Monica W.
on 5/17/11 10:07 am - TX
OMG Y'all I'm in the middle of mowing my grass (front done back left to go) and i feel as if someone needs to call 911. **** I'm so exhausted my son has two B-Ball goals in the backyard i moved them to mow underneath and t was a rap in sitting under the fan for a bit, he was like mom I'll do it. But i want to do it for exercise WTF i have never felt this useless in my life.
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