I do not want deprive my husband of food....

on 6/19/11 1:41 am - LA
I'm have the surgery, he's not. He does not to need to lose weight I do. My husband loves fried food and fast food. I know that this will be the hardest thing to do is too cook for him. I do not want to have him live on fast food either. Today I am baking skinless chicken breast and frying him chicken, black eye peas, rice, and ho****er cornbread. I do not know how much long I can do this. Help
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on 6/19/11 1:46 am
Mine's the same- great weight & whatnot, but he's happy as long as there's food.. of any kind. Plus fried stuff isn't good for anyone of any weight.. you can still have a heart attack when you're young and at a normal BMI! Would he be ok with eating healthier with you, after all- it's better for him too?
on 6/19/11 2:00 am - LA

Being from louisiana myself, I know of this issue.  You just have to get creative with your cooking and also have alot of willpower, lol.  Now, when I fry him up some friend shrimp, I season some on the side and put them in the oven.  If I cook him fried chicken, I season some skinless boneless chicken and season it up for myself. If I fry him up some catfish or redfish, mine goes on the grill. There are always other options ot the same old recipes that we did before.  I have also noticed since my surgery that my husband has wanted to start eating healthier along with me which has helped alot.  Maybe your husband will be the same way.  Good luck on your journey!

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Paige V.
on 6/19/11 2:27 am - Gainesville, FL
your hubby definitely needs to start eating better. It will catch up with him one way or the other, whether he develops health issues or a weight problem later..
on 6/19/11 2:43 am - LA
Thanks for the advise. Maybe he will see that I'm eating healthy and follow suit. I keep telling that he needs to set healthier because of stoke/heart attach. I really do not think that he has a fat cell in his body. I think that's in his genetic make up. No one in is family is big. I will cook separately for now. He works on 18 wheeler trucks and he does burn lots of cals. Just do not want to take from him, but imwant him to eat healthier. At least to lay off fast food.
diane S.
on 6/19/11 2:47 am
this can be hard. Often I make my husband the same stuff i am eating only bigger portions plus I add a baked potato for him or some pasta or another carb. He is overweight and should watch what he eats and I try to keep it healthy but I realize he can't do as low calories as I can. Maybe you can freeze some quantities of the things he likes and get him a serving at a time while you stick with your plan. Diane

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on 6/19/11 5:00 am - TX
That is a toughie!   I don't know how you will handle it, but wishing you the best.
One thing good is that since surgery, I am not hungry.  
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on 6/19/11 6:11 am
This is just my suggestion as I share your philosophy that my husband and son should not have to change everything about their eating just because I couldn't put the fork down.

Try some alternatives, for frying, pan fry in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil (my bet is he won't notice the difference), use panko bread crumbs with a bit of flour for the batter, use more seasonings like some cajun or creole seasoning the flour mix to decrease the amount of flour used without losing flavor.

Adapt and overcome the old school thought process on frying that was the only way around it for me. And, you know what, my husband has welcomed every change, not because it's "better for him", but because he loved my creations. There's lots of "baked fried chicken" recipes on allrecipes.com that I've used, and while I know it's not the same crunchiness as deep fried chicken, it's a close alternative. He might even welcome the changes, and surprise you.

Making meatloaf, or say beef salisbury steak, use pork rinds for the binder instead of breadcrumbs or crackers, that way you can enjoy it and so can he without it changing the texture of the meat. Make a low carb barbque sauce (just google it, several will pop up), my husband didn't know I had switched from our normal Sweet Baby Ray's sauce to my own lower carb creation. Of course, I didn't tell him, he just gobbled it down and raved about it.

I also hid ground up flax seed in all of his muffins, and baked goods, in his salad dressing when added a side salad to a meal. I added spinach to lasagna, and seriously he never even knew what was going on. And, believe me, my husband is a meat, potatoes, fry it up kind of Southern man.

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on 6/19/11 11:55 am
Don't panic. If you need to adjust your cooking for your benefit (and his health), he'll survive. It won't make the top ten of life's hardship. Probably not even the top 20.
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