What size french bougie does everyone have??

on 4/7/12 9:06 am
VSG on 04/04/12
I have a 29 so it will only allow me to eat 1-2 ounces of food...when I get off liquids that is!  Just curious what sizes are out there...


on 4/7/12 9:17 am
I have a 36f oversewn and can eat about 2-3 ounces of dense protein at 8 months out.
on 4/7/12 9:24 am
36 I have not pushed any limits. I do not go over 2oz dense protein at almost 5 months out. Fish I can get 2 oz. chicken I can only do a little over 1 oz.
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on 4/7/12 9:27 am
A very tight 40f. I can eat just under 2 oz of dense protein or about 3 1/2 oz of soft food (yogurt, etc.) at a year.

Plenty tight for me. Can't quite eat a small tub of Activa yogurt, so wouldn't want it any smaller.

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on 4/7/12 10:04 am
36 I can eat 3oz. Easy
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on 4/7/12 10:04 am
VSG on 02/27/12
 32f oversown-2oz dense protein at a time
on 4/7/12 10:11 am, edited 4/7/12 10:12 am - CA
VSG on 01/12/12
The right size for me.
on 4/7/12 12:20 pm
Ms. Poker Face
on 4/7/12 10:12 am
I have a 34f and can eat 3 oz dense protein.

From everything I've read, bougie size is only part of what determines someone's final eating capacity.  Surgeon's technique has a heavy influence... especially as it relates to how close to the bougie the doc measures/sews.  And whether or not he oversews the staple line and/or glues it.  And how long the stomach is... this can have a bigger impact on capacity than many people think.  Theoretically taller people have longer stomachs, although I've not seen the data to back this up... just conjecture by some folks, I think.  Plus, how much stretchy tissue is left... also influences final size.

Bottom line, you get what you get and it's how you use it that is most important.


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VSG on 03/02/12
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