I hate this damn band!!!

on 4/1/13 2:25 pm - Bend, OR
OH needs the little barfing guy avatar !!!

I hate this damn band. Suposedly wide open ( though I do have a prolapse hanging down over the back of the band that food is getting stuck it) ate about 1/3 of a cup of noodles and a half a cup of sauce and 2 1/2 hours it feels like someone is in there stabbing me! From my esophagus to my belly button, back pain the whole 9 yards. Last time I had this I went to the ER and they gave me pain meds and Iv protonix. Suposedly the band was FINE!!! Instead I had a massive slip.
Anyhow just complaining. I know it needs to come out and have my insurance approval but waiting on a peer to peer for the sleeve. I really don't want 2 surgeries. 2 co-pays and 2 recoveries!! Besides I've already had ankle surgery, oral surgery, and the egd. Don't want anymore anesthesia than I have to it takes so long to get out of my system.

So those of you who experienced the pain and slip anything I can?

on 4/2/13 12:49 am - Rio Rancho, NM
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I remember the joy of the band and the really crappy stuff!!! Hope your relief comes soon!

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Sending hugs your way.....I don't remember all of the band nonsense fondly. At the very end, I was miserable and so relieved when it was out. You'll get there.....just keep at it and don't be shy to fight to get the healthcare that you need.

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I am sorry you are so miserable. Waiting is hell. I understand that you dread the idea of two surgeries, i did too. If someone had told me that was how it was to be done I would have thrown a bloody fit. However, I had the one stage surgery and had a very rough time of it. Just concentrate on getting your band out and let what ever may come next come.

Good luck to you.Sue


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on 4/2/13 5:33 am - Bend, OR
Thanks everyone feel a little better today but swollen and sore, liquid didn't want to go down this morning.

Talked to the surgery coordinator this am. Peer to peer is Thursday. And I had her put me on the schedule for removal on the 12th. That's the soonest they had availble. Little sis told me to call back and speak to the nurse to let the doctor know what's going on and they maybe able to get me in sooner.

I wanted a sleeve 6 years ago but that wasnt an option at the time, now it is. Overall I'm glad I got the band, when everything is working correctly its great. But when it's not its horrible. I'm sure I would weigh much more than where I started without it. So on I go. I just hope the peer to peer goes well on Thursday.

mary d
on 4/2/13 6:49 am

Glad you are staying on them.  You are going to feel like a brand new person.  I hope they can fit you in ASAP!

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