on 8/3/13 12:56 pm
VSG on 11/25/13 with
My surgeon said it's ok to take these post op, but I've read some things that say people who have had the sleeve can't take NSAIDs. I believe my doc, but just want to know if others had heard this?
on 8/3/13 1:05 pm - Davison, MI

Mine says you can't but the research I read said you can and it is one reason for choosing the sleeve over RNY.  It was one way people were getting the sleeve over the RNY when insurance was calling it experimental.

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on 8/3/13 2:05 pm - VA
VSG on 08/05/13

I take NSAIDS for my knees and my surgeon said that I should be able to resume taking them at the 2 month mark. He hasn't had any issues with his patients and the studies he's read show that if you didn't have a problem with NSAIDS prior to surgery you shouldn't have a problem postop either. I am hoping though that after 2 months of weight loss maybe I won't need them for my knees anymore.

on 8/3/13 2:08 pm

My doc is good with it, and I have taken them off and on since being sleeved without incident.  I do take them with a little food or something, and I do not use a PPI regularly.  

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on 8/3/13 2:22 pm
VSG on 11/25/13 with
May I ask what a PPI is?
on 8/3/13 2:27 pm - Davison, MI

proton pump inhibitor (PPI)  They block many of the active stomach pumps that produce acid before they start.   

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.


on 8/3/13 2:44 pm
VSG on 11/25/13 with
Connie S.
on 8/3/13 10:43 pm - CA
VSG on 03/04/13
The big issue with NSAIDs is ulcers and increased risk after surgery. Once the stomach heals there should not be a problem if you need to take them. The ones *****ally should never take them again are the RNY people because they get terrible, huge, non healing ulcers at their anastamosis sites and run a huge risk of the ulcers perforating. I have seen so many of these over the years and it was a reason I could not seriously consider RNY. Just too scared of those ulcers! The good news is that since my sleep apnea has been treated, I rarely have headaches and have not really needed pain meds.
on 8/4/13 12:52 am - LA
VSG on 05/06/13

some good and informative posts here...I have found that this is just one of many issues where surgeons seem to differ greatly in their advice--that always amazes me; i.e., that surgeons can have such widely varying advice on what should be fairly standard protocol in my opinion...I have not asked my surgeon personally about this, but his staff counsels and passes out written instructions that NSAIDs should be avoided if at all possible for the rest of the patient's life post-VSG





on 8/4/13 2:39 am - MS
VSG on 08/12/13

My doctor told me as long as I am able to take them now, before surgery, with no problems then I will be able to take them afterwards. 

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