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I am almost finished with my 6 month of diet documentation, and have a tentative surgery date scheduled for Sept 16th. I have been set on RNY up until now. I have arthritis in both knees, and my back. 35 years old, non diabetic but have thyroid issues and a few other medial issues non weight related. My thoughts are I may need NSAIDS later in life. Ive read that neither RNY or VGS patietns should take NSAIDS, but some say that VGS patients may. I need some advise. I want to be successful with this new journey that Im about to take, but want to be 100% sure on which procedure to go with. Any advice would be great!! Thanks :)

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I had the sleeve and my dr says NO NAIDS ever.

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I had the sleeve and my dr also said that I would not be able to take NSAIDs either.


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I had the sleeve and I can take NSAIDs.  If I need to take a "course" of NSAIDs, they prescribe a medication to take first that will help protect my stomach, and I take it while I'm taking NSAIDs.  If I just need an occasional NSAID, that's OK without the additional meds.  So, yes, under controlled cir****tances.

Talk with your surgeon to find out exactly what he recommends and what options you have for treatment of your pain in the future, given your medical conditions.  


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I was told that, if I needed to take NSAIDs on a regular basis, I would need to be on a PPI regularly as well. 


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I was told I could have NSAIDs sparingly.

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VSG on 07/01/13

I can take them. That's the #1 reason I chose the VSG. I didn't want to be limited on meds later in life (I'm 27 now). Best of luck :)

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VSG is the best WLS surgery for someone who HAS to take NSAIDS for other health conditions.  You must also take medication daily to help protect your tiny stomach.  You are encouraged to find alternates to the NSAIDS (or limit them) for your particular ailment and to take them with food and after you have taken your stomach med properly.  since there is no suture line along the bottom of the stomach (RNY DS), or a narrowing of the stomach where erosion can occur (lapband) ... with the proper precautions NSAIDS can be taken 'safely'.  The risk of ulcer approaches that of someone who has not had VSG ... the problem that you have to consider is that IF you have an ulcer with VSG, it will be harder to repair and the difficultly of eating etc while you have the ulcer will be greater.

there are lots of alternative medicines you can take in place of NSAIDS, or special coated/ slow release versions to reduce risk if you have to take them later in life. these are usually more expensive.


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Hi NurseBrandy,

I just wanted to let you know that I have taken prescription NSAIDS daily for arthritis for the last 15 years except for about 2 weeks right around surgery. This was a major factor in choosing VSG.

My surgeon told me to always take them with something to coat the stomach so I take them with a spoonful of greek yogurt. (I have a fridge full of the smallest tupperware containers I could find!) It has been 20 months since my surgery and I have had no problems with stomach irritation. As a bonus, I have been able to reduce the dose significantly as I have lost weight.

I am not sure why there is so much variation between doctors on this topic, but you are definitely doing the right thing by asking lots of questions. We all have different medical histories and priorities.

all the best, Katy


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