Help with my husband who is Newley sleeved.

on 12/29/13 8:01 am

My husband was just sleeved on December 26th. He has had a very different experience than I had. He has been vomiting several times before leaving the hospital and he says he is still hungry. He can eat and feel restriction, but then gets hungry a but later. ... I never felt hunger or sickness and I'm not sure how to advise him. Can you all suggest something if you had this experience? 





on 12/29/13 8:10 am
VSG on 10/02/13

I vomited several times in the hospital I was just miserable till I got off all pain medicine. I also felt hungry, it went away when I was able to actual start eating real food and that was when I started to feel the restriction as well. It is a process and the first few weeks were the hardest. It does get better and the restriction and hunger will go away. I am sorry that he is going through this, let him know it does get better.


on 12/29/13 8:20 am - Vancouver, WA

Typical man! Tell him the nerves in his stomach were cut so what he thinks he feels isn't what he thinks it is. His nerves will tell him him lots of lies in the next few weeks. Also the hunger feeling can be from acid so he may need a PPI to calm that down. Basically he can't trust his old friend "tummy" anymore. Follow his docs directions and let his doc know if he is still vomiting, I would be more concerned about that if I were him. Now I'm just going by what I've read here because I'm stuck with a crap band but spend time here daily.

on 12/29/13 8:21 am

Sounds like he may be having acid issues.  Is he on a PPI?

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on 12/29/13 9:18 am

No PPI. 





Stacy T.
on 12/29/13 8:23 am - Akron, OH

I was experiencing hunger too and no one believed me. People on here told me that is was acid and to take the Omeprazole the doctor prescribed. I was still hungry, but this is my 6st week and that finally stopped.

As far as vomiting, I only vomited when I drank too fast or drank a bunch of water and then went to sleep.

Maybe he can try this to help his hunger though:

In your blender, a cup of frozen strawberries

2 frozen banana

1 1/2 cups of skim milk



It blends thick and tricks your brain into thinking it is ice cream. This is very low calorie. I hope it helps!

on 12/29/13 9:19 am






Stacy T.
on 12/29/13 5:12 pm - Akron, OH

I apologize, I misread when you said he was sleeved. He could probably try that in the future, but I did Crystal Light and Gatorade at the beginning. I hope he feels better soon!

on 12/29/13 9:36 am
VSG on 07/08/13 with
The berries with seeds on a brand new sleeve are a no-no...also that mixture might be way too thick to get down.

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on 12/29/13 8:30 am, edited 12/29/13 8:31 am - Davison, MI

At three days out I would be following his doctor's order to the letter.  Vomiting is a big issue.  I was sent home with three scrips to make sure I didn't vomit as they consider that the number one thing to avoid.  I would be calling the doc over this.

Than check with the Doc about the PPI for acid reflux.  I always thought I was hungry but, my stomach didn't feel restriction as the nerves are cut.  At two months out I finally would "feel."

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