Looking for a Support Group to attend - live in West Bend area

on 1/24/11 5:03 am - West Bend, WI
Well, I attended a support group meeting in Menomonee Falls on 1/18/11 because I had my RNY by Dr. Prewitt.  I have attended a few here and there and found it was nice being around people who understand and can at times give you advise.  It was announced at the meeting that this particular support group was going on hiatus after March due to lack of interest.  Yes, there were not many people there and the room has never really been full when I have gone.  They are encouraging us to go the the Sinai support group in Milwaukee which I believe is where Dr. Chua does his surgeries.  Is there anyone out there that currently goes to that group and would suggest I visit?  I am finding I am in need of support and peers as I am almost 9 months post op and struggling to lose those last 20 lbs I so desperately want to lose.  Thanks everyone.
Bea L.
on 1/25/11 7:51 am
I go to the Sinai support group.  Come on down, we'd love to have you. 
on 1/30/11 1:08 pm
I go there too (Hi Bea!!), and enjoy the meetings. I'm scheduled for 2/23, and live about 2.5 hours away, so I don't make it to every meeting but I've really been encouraged by the meetings I made it to.

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Bea L.
on 1/31/11 7:12 am
Hi to you, hope to see you at a meeting soon.   I live about 45 minutes south. 
on 2/24/11 10:34 pm
Hi Cindy
Although Dr. Chua did not do my surgery, my gastroenterologist sent me to Deanna his dietitian.  she is really good.  The Sinai support group is on March 16th and they are having a phycotherapist to discuss support and relationships.  It really isn't that bad a drive from West Bend to Milwaukee.  Another option is the diabetic support group at Community Memorial Hospital.  We eat like diabetics anyways and the topics are similar to bariatric support groups.  good luck to you.  Just me
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