Lap-Band for over 360 pounds?

on 2/15/11 7:20 pm
 Hi anyone out there that had the Lap-Band in Milwaukee that weighed over 360 pounds?
I was told "you would be setting yourself up for failure".
Nic M
on 2/15/11 11:41 pm
Hi Omar,

I had lapbanding done in 2003 and it was a complete nightmare. Every single person I know who was banded around the same time has had revisions, removal, complications, etc.

A good friend just revised to gastric sleeve a couple of weeks ago after struggling with the lapband for years. He was over 300 pounds and just never could lose enough weight even with consistent exercise.

If your surgeon is telling you that you'd be setting yourself up for failure, I'd believe it.  I believe that the band does more harm than good and it's not a good long term weight loss option. Read the Failed Surgery Forum, the Revisions Forum... a lot of bad news about the lapband.

I'm looking into revising to the Sleeve currently. I had so much damage from the band that I had to wait 5 years. I'm having an endoscopy next week to see if my "guts" are OK for another surgery.

Best of luck to you. I hope you'll find the right procedure for yourself.


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


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