Insurance Approved!

on 3/8/11 12:26 am - WI
My insurance company approved the pre-authorization for me yesterday!! I'm so excited! Just need to wait for MBS to get the letter to schedule the surgery.  Now I need to decide if I want it as soon as they give me a date or wait until I graduate in May from college.  Guess I'll have to wait and see what date they schedule out to.

Doing a happy happy dance of joy!! It feels like I've been waiting FOREVER for this! :)
Helen C.
on 3/8/11 6:21 am - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Congrats on your approval!!!
Mike P.
on 3/15/11 1:04 pm - WI
Awesom! You must feel so relieved! I now start the lifeskills group next Thursday....ends beginning of May before they will send for the pre-auth from the INS.  Im keeping fingers crossed I get the same news as you!
on 3/16/11 8:18 am - WI

on 3/16/11 8:20 am - WI
are you coming to the meeting at amc tonight at 6pm
on 3/28/11 2:18 am - WI
just got back from vacation Friday and had a vm left to call to schedule surgery. :)

May 24th is the day!!! I can't wait! WOOHOO!!!!  Guess I better get back on track on the pre-op diet. ;)