Food Addiction and Munchies

on 3/24/11 7:27 am - Rosholt, WI
Anyone else suffer with a food addiction? I am finding it very difficult to deal with. I have the munchies all the time. It is hard because everyone tells me what to eat and what not to eat but no one helps with what I could be munching on during these munchy times. I am trying to just ignore them, but it is not helping.
Mike P.
on 3/24/11 1:10 pm - WI

Once my children are in bed and the house is quiet is the worst time for me with munchies....maybe munchies is not even the word for it since I can consume alot of food. I have to admit, during these times I am feeling abit hopeless as well as pathetic that I cant seem to stop myself.

on 3/26/11 1:56 am
I eat 6 meals a day and don't allow myself to eat other than those times and that is a habit now.  I still eat too many calories of just basic food.  My 3 snacks are yogurt, fruit and veggies.  My 3 meals are basic meat, starch and veggies. I have tried eliminating 2 snacks but can't do it.   I have tried cutting back on calories but can't seem to do that either...thus my weight issue!  Since my RNY I don't crave fat anymore  !!! But a calorie is a calorie at the end of the day. 

Some people munch on pickles, cheese sticks, celery with PB, I hope some people have some great input because I could benefit from it too.

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