Bariatric Institute of Wisconsin - what did you think?

on 7/15/11 12:56 pm
Hi, everyone -

I didn't see any recent threads on BIW.  I was hoping someone could share their opinions on BIW.  I am especially interested to learn what sort of post-op program they offer.  Are there active support groups? If so, where do those groups meet?  

Did you have a positive BIW experience? 

Thanks for sharing!
Jan G.
on 7/17/11 7:58 am - WI
Hello there!!

I am from BIW and awaiting "approval" for surgery any day now..gulp. Well, I also am ready for denial frm my Insurance as they are tough and have been denying most of my appts unless I tell them to reprocess them.

My ins required 6 months of follow through, including monthly support grps. The first half is education then you break into smaller grps depending on pre-op or post op.

In addition you are required to see the dietician for a year, plus the MD..not sure how often he requires.

Which surgery are you thinking of? They have forums here for each kind; I am having the VSG or Vertical sleeve.

I live in Milwaukee/Franklin area. And support grps are at Elmbrook hospital.

I'll try to remember to check into the WI part of this forum.. I usually am only on the VSG.

Best to you~ Jan

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on 8/22/11 1:24 am
Thanks for sharing this!  Are those support groups pretty well attended?  Mostly pre-op or mostly post-op?   I am hoping to start going soon.  It'll be a drive for me - but worth it, I am hoping.

Hey Jules
on 8/3/11 7:41 am
 I had a very positive experience with the B.I.W. and Dr. Engstrand. 

I only went to the required amount of support meetings, because they are an hour drive for me and were geared more towards Lap Bands and RNY. I get all of my support from the OH DS board here.

If you'd like to read my profile for more info, you can send me a friend request. Any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Good luck,

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on 8/13/11 7:22 am - Reeseville, WI
I had a good experience the BIW.  Dr. Chiang is wonderful and a good surgeon.  The staff is really great and they handled all the insurance stuff for me.  
on 8/22/11 1:21 am, edited 8/22/11 1:22 am
I'm glad to hear that you like Dr. Chiang!  He is going to be my surgeon.  He is the only bariatric surgeon in the country (that I know of anyway) that is also an expert in my hormone condition.  I've heard nothing but great things about him.

Do you participate in their support group?  I was hoping to start going to their monthly meetings soon.  It looks like they have guest speakers and such.  Although, I see you have the DS and I know lots of DS patients find these meetings a but frustration as they are so often not geared towards DS issues. (like HeyJules above said!)

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on 8/22/11 3:01 am - Reeseville, WI
I work evenings and live an hour away so I never went to more than the required group meetings.  There was only me and one other DS pre-op at that meeting and all the speakers that night had RNY surgery so it is geared more for that and the band I think.
on 8/22/11 9:36 am
I don't think I'm a candidate for the DS - although I wish I were!   Do you happen to know how many DS surgeries Dr Chiang has done?

Thanks for your feedback!

Jan G.
on 8/22/11 3:43 am - WI
I have been going to BIW monthly support groups for last 9 months. ONLY one I missed was this month, Aug as I was being discharged at the time of the group.

It is well attended..a good 50-100 easily attend. THe first half is education, usually a speaker, then they break up to small groups based on Pre OP (several) and post op by first 1-6 months etc. They use patients who have achieved their goal out by 1 year I believe. Its helpful but is far. I was hoping that one day they could alternate with Franklin hosp on S. 27th (hwy 241) to include others who live South.

My surgery went well, no pain or discomfort, but several bouts of vomiting for some odd reason, so had to stay 6 days. Now its fine. I had Dr Engstrand.

Best to you all~ Jan

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on 8/22/11 9:39 am
Thank you for that info!  I'm glad that it's well attended - that is what I was hoping to hear.

I agree  -  wish they had meetings at Franklin.  I'm actually over an hour away - I live on the wisconsin/illinois border.   But I think it'd probably be good for me to go to these meets to keep my head in the game.  Good excuse to get out of the house and let the hubs watch the kids for one evening a week too. ;)

Congrats on your surgery.  I'm glad you are feeling better now.  Did they tell you what size sleeve they gave you?  Did they ask for your input for things like that?

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