Bat Wing Removal

on 9/4/11 12:00 pm - WI
I am having my bat wings removed in 2 weeks by my plastic surgeon.  I've had 2 other plastics done already, but I am a bit worried about how long before I can use my arms?  Any advice from someone that has had this done already?
Nic M
on 9/6/11 11:34 am
Hi, I had this done a couple of years ago. I was anticipating a LOT of pain and was pleasantly surprised at how little there actually was.

I was using my arms after a couple of weeks, if I remember correctly.  It was annoying to not be able to reach up to wash my hair or reach things, but I don't recall being inconvenienced for long, honestly.

Good luck! I hope all goes well for you.



 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


on 9/6/11 11:32 pm
I haven't had it done yet, but am anticipating someday getting to that point. Please keep us posted on your progress. Thanks in advance! Hope all goes well!

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