Preop full liquid diet question!!

Angie L.
on 2/18/13 2:29 am - Pittsville, WI
RNY on 03/18/13
Can you have fruit smoothies? Small amount of milk and.pureed fruit. No added sugars.

on 2/20/13 5:40 am - WI
RNY on 04/17/13


I see that you are having your surgery done with same doctor as me!  Do you have a surgery date yet?  I've just been scheduled for classes the first 3 Fridays in March, and then hopefully I'll get scheduled.  It would be awesome to actually KNOW someone there! kiss


Angie L.
on 2/20/13 6:56 am - Pittsville, WI
RNY on 03/18/13

Hello there!  Its always nice to find someone with the same doc.  I forgot that my surgeon was listed. I have moved and gotten a new dr since I started this journey.   I now live in Central Wi and my surgeon is Dr Nirujogi in Marshfield.  Im guessing yours is Dr Garren?


on 6/9/17 5:18 pm

A lot of sugar in fruit