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Hi everyone!

First of all I would like to say thank you to all of the wonderful information this site provides.  I have been scouring it endlessly for the past month to help me become informed on the different procedures for weight loss and experiences from those who have had them.

I am with Molina HC in WI and have signed up for the baratric seminar with Theda Clark in Neenah.  I wanted to stick closer to Green Bay, but just found out Dr. Kemmerling does not take Molina anymore.  I was referred to Bellin and found out they stopped taking it as well. That led me to Theda Clark and the more I read, the more I am glad I was routed there.  My question to all of you who have my insurance( Molina badgercare), what did you need to do to become approved, was it lengthy and difficult?  Do you have a recommendation for a Dr. or facility and why? Any problems with getting a referral from your pcp?

 I have a bmi of 41 and high blood pressure which I am currently medicated for.  I have been on endless diets, lost as much as 60 pounds and gained it back. I have been obese for 25+ yrs and currently need to lose 110 pounds. Do I have a chance with my ins?

Thanks in advance. :)


Nic M
on 3/8/13 10:22 pm

I think you'll find Theda Clark to be good. I would NOT recommend kemmerling. A lot of people do like him. I do not. I had complications straight out of surgery and was treated appallingly. 


You probably need to start with your pcp and document any and all health issues. You will most likely need a full physical, including Xrays.

Please make sure you research the surgeon fully before undergoing any surgery. It doesn't hurt to know who will be the attending anesthesiologist, as well.  I'm not sure which procedure you're intending to choose, but I'd also recommend NOT going with the lap band.

The bariatric coordinator at Theda Clark should be able to provide all information for you. Did they provide you with a lot of reading material at the bariatric seminar or have you not attended yet?


I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find all the info you need to have a lifetime of success.


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


on 3/12/13 5:34 am - STURGEON BAY, WI

Thanks for your reply Nic.  I attended the informational seminar last night at Theda Clark and found that they did a fantastic job of explaining everything.  The insurance coordinator was also very knowledgable in regard to getting the procedures approved.  She did mention that United Health Care was difficult but not anything about Molina.  I am assuming that because Molina is also a Medicaid HMO, they are similar.  I guess we will see.  I have done much research on Dr.s Wasco and Georgen and feel very confident with them.  After the seminar I have decided to go with the Roux-en-Y procedure for the diabetes benefits as well as the excellent successes I have been seeing and reading about.  They pretty much ruled out the lap band.  They said they removed more than they put in.  I started seeing my pcp about diet in January and have been getting weighed each month since, while on his low carb diet plan.  I need a referral from him and I can get things under way. I hope it all goes smoothly.

Thanks again and I'm sorry to hear you had difficulties with your surgery and Dr. Kemmerling.  I hope things are going well for you now.


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Hi Tri,

I actually did first become interested in the sleeve.  I changed my mind due to the data showing how the roux-en-y helped with diabetes.  I am pre-diabetic with a strong family history and would like to not travel down that road.  The Dr. agreed.  Also I was told my insurance plan doesn,t cover the sleeve.


Nic M
on 3/26/13 1:11 am

Hi Tami,


I'm glad that things are moving along for you. I'm also glad to hear that the surgeons are honest about the bleak outcomes with the band. For a while, they were really pushing the gastric bands ( I went to a seminar in the Milwaukee area when I was thinking of undergoing WLS again. Everyone was gung ho about the band... until I talked about what I went through... and what my support board members went through... and then I felt like a huge downer! Sorrrrry, folks!) kiss

I hope it all goes well for you and you have no speed bumps at all.  It's a good thing to have an insurance coordinator who knows the ropes. That can be tricky to navigate.

Things are okay for me, other than the permanent damage I have from the botched lap band surgery performed by kemmerling. I probably would have incurred less damage if I had sought out a new surgeon immediately rather than trusting that he wouldn't just leave me in abject misery. But I was wrong about that. Live and learn!  I'm much more proactive about my health now than I was back then.  I find it telling that a surgeon has to do so many (really bad) commercials to get business, too, honestly.

I'm really relieved for you that you decided on Theda Clark. Good luck to you.


 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


on 3/22/13 10:15 pm - WI

I had my surgery at Theda Clark with Dr. Wasco a year ago.  I think they have a great program!  I did have some complications but I found their staff to be very responsive to any request.  I have lost 100 lbs!  It is a huge change in lifestyle but so worth it!  I would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

on 3/22/13 11:06 pm - STURGEON BAY, WI

Thanks Joy,

I am in the process right now of working to get my pre-approval done.  My insurance is known to be very difficult ,per the clinic, so I have a feeling I,m in for a ride.  So far Dr. Wasco/Georgens staff have been great.  They have answered all of my questions and have been very quick with the replies.  Congratulations on your awesome weight loss!  That much be such a wonderful feeling.  

Thanks again for the support,