plastic surgery

Dave G.
on 6/8/13 5:04 am

I'm 2 years out from surgery.  I've lost about 180 pounds.  I have quite a large amount of excess skin that hangs over my belt.  Always in the way.  I'm considering having it removed.  Have any of you been through this?  I'd like to hear the good, the bad and the ugly about it.  I'm also interested in where you had it done.  I had my gastric bypass done at Columbia St. Mary's in Milwaukee with the most wonderful team you could ever ask for.....however I am about 170 miles from there so I would definitely consider any recommendations you may have.  Thanks so much!

on 1/13/15 12:56 am

I am also in Wisconsin looking for a good plastics surgeon. no luck so far.


Nic M
on 6/26/15 10:28 am

If possible, you might want to branch out into the Chicago area. There are many plastic surgeons in and around that area. I'm sure that you can do research on them online. I did have a surgeon in Fond du Lac do my brachioplasty, but the results were just fair. I'm not sure I'd recommend him. 




 Avoid kemmerling, Green Bay, WI


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