They changed my Date!!!

Stacey K.
on 7/11/03 11:05 am - Wausau, Wi
Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell everyone I will now be a SEPTEMBER LOSER!!!! HIP HIP HOOOOORAAAAAY!!! Today my Dr.'s office called me at work and asked if I would like to change my surgery date to SEPTEMBER 9TH because they had a cancellation. My birthday is September 3rd so I thought that would be kind of cool. Wish me Luck!! Best wishes to you all!!!! Stacey
on 7/11/03 1:07 pm - Mineral Point, WI
Congrads Stacey. Isn't it the greatest feeling to know it will be sooner and not later? I am starting to count my days and get nervous. My birthday is Sept 4 so my date of August 13 will be a early birthday present. My previous date was Sept 8 so that would have almost been on time. Good luck and God's Blessings!
Bobbi -Jo F.
on 7/11/03 8:24 pm - Tigerton, wi
Congradulations Stacey. I wish you total success in becoming a loser, and that everything goes well with your surgery. Bobbi-Jo
Barbara J.
on 7/14/03 9:55 am - Edgar, WI
Congratulations Stacy! I'm from Edgar and I have a date for Aug. 20th. My Birthday is in August also. I think that that is a good sign. If you want to get in touch you can E-mail me. My E-mail is available by going to my profiile. Good Luck!!!!Barbara James