protein that tastes good?

on 10/21/07 2:19 pm - PA
Is there such a thing? I had surgery june 4th and my bloodwork is fine...but my hair is falling out. I have tried 4 proteins so far...and they are awful. Anyone have a protein that tastes good? Thanks.
on 10/21/07 2:30 pm - Toulouse, France
Fish. The powder stuff tastes awful and there's no telling if it's saw dust or protein. No such problem with fish. Very lowfat, all protein, and if you learn how to cook it, it tastes great too.
on 10/21/07 2:33 pm - Dallas Area, TX
Thats right and salmon has 23 g protein!
on 10/21/07 3:06 pm - Kettleman City, CA
I went to Vitaminworld today and found a protein product called Whey-New.  It's a 3.1 oz container that has 42g of protein in it, no carbs, no sugar.  I tried the orange one and it was tolerable.  The texture is a little thick, but not syrupy.  The fact that it's only 3oz makes it easy to overlook the flavor if you don't like it and just drink it down.  Anyway, this is probably how I'll get my protein, I am SO worried about my hair falling out, it's thin to begin with and I don't want to lose any more.  I hope this helps.

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on 10/22/07 5:03 am - Goldsboro, NC

thanks for the tip. You replied to me the other day as we had our sugery on the same day. How is your losing going. I see all of these people 1 month post op and they have lost 40 or so pds and I was getting a little concerned. I am down 8 lbs today . How about you ? It sounds like you can get out of the house and go. I still have a lot of back , stiches and staple pain , so I cant stand up straight for long periods of time.  Ya , I understand the hair thing. My hairs texture is thin but I have a lot of it . The Isopure in the clear bottles is good with a shot of crystal light in the packets to it, gives it a little sour taste, I am not a person that likes sweets ,so that helps me .

on 10/22/07 6:34 am - Kettleman City, CA
I decided not to weigh myself again until I go to the doctor tomorrow, so I'm not sure how much I've lost.  I was driving myself nuts getting on the scale right after surgery.  I've been up and out of the house a bit, it feels better to me to stand up straight, but my staples are bothering me too.  I get them out tomorrow, and I'm supposed to start on soft foods tomorrow.  How are you feeling today?  I seem to be a little better every day.  When do you start on the soft foods?  I hope you are feeling good today.
on 10/21/07 3:12 pm
Hey there, I had surgery on July 17th. My bloodwork is good too. I eat South Beach Protien Breakfast bars - they are yummy. A little on the sweet side though. I like the cinnamon raisin the *******so eaqt South Beach deli meals like chicken ceasar etc. Do you like eggs? I fimd a boil egg to be a great quick snack. Best of luck

on 10/21/07 3:25 pm - Statesville, NC
I like EAS from walmart.  It mixes up with no grit.  I use vanilla in my coffee.  I also make a latte just like starbucks with the choc hope you find something you like monica



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on 10/22/07 3:50 am - Stewartville, MN
I'm with Monica on this one!!  EAS was the only one I found that I could tolerate, I use both the chocolate and vanilla in my coffee, it's GREAT!! Good Luck!
on 10/21/07 3:44 pm - Acworth, GA

i have not liked any protein powders so far they make me feel like im eating dirt.  Then my fiance brought home strawberry light muscle milk and its not bad at all. I am going to check out their mocha or coffee one that someone told me about. got it at GNC so if you dont like it you can return the rest for a refund.

good luck


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