High School Reunion

on 4/10/11 8:44 am - new york, NY
hey y'all! got a question...my 20th high school reunion is next weekend in louisiana and i'm getting scared. i haven't been this small since like 5th grade so none of my friends have seen me ever at this weight/size. i was "bullied" in high school for being the big girl and now well things are a lot different. so my question is this...has anyone been to their high school reunion postop and how did you handle it? i could easily walk in and be the "skinny *****" but i honestly don't want to (ok, perhaps a little bit of me does) but i just don't know how to handle it. i'm seriously beginning to freak out--HELP!!

201 pounds lost since surgery!! And I'm 2 1/2 inches taller too!!

And YES I still eat Carbs and Fats but I know what portion control is!!

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on 4/10/11 12:48 pm
Hey Teresa!
I haven't had my reunion yet, it is this summer but I get the nervousness. I was never invited to a dance or the prom. I never had any dates and kids made fun of me too. I think you should just be yourself. Get ready to hear the "OMG's" and the possible nice way you are treated compared to how you were treated.  Maybe you can be the "nice skinny *****"...lol! Please let us know how it went! Good luck and enjoy yourself!      Connie 
on 4/10/11 12:57 pm
My free advice to you is don't go if all you want to do is show up skinny.  I was the most miserable person in high school and yet, I did go to my 25th.  I had a few friends that I really wanted to see and we did have a good time catching up.  If the bullies are still in that mind set after 20 years, do you really give a flip about what they think?  See the only person's opinion at that re-union that mattered was mine.   I liked myself just as I was.  Your real friends will be happy to see you if you weigh 500 pounds, have no teeth and are bald.  Unless one of your classmates has telekinesis and will lock the doors like Carrie did, if you don't have a good time, just walk out the door and don't look back.

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on 4/10/11 7:43 pm

just go and be yourself.  You are not your weight, you are the person inside and she hasn't changed!  Visit your friends and enjoy.  I have never even been invited to any of my reunions and at least one person knows where to find me...oh well!

Lynne R.
on 4/10/11 8:56 pm - Houston, TX
I've been to my 10, 20, 30, and 40th reunions. I've been at my heaviest and at my skinniest, and I've enjoyed every single one.


Mary Catherine
on 4/10/11 9:39 pm
 It is really fun to be skinny at your high school reunion.  Remember that everyone else is going to be a lot different too.  There are a lot of skinny *****es from high school who do not attend reunions because they are not skinny anymore.  Guys lose their hair, people gain and lose weight, people have illnesses, good and bad luck, successful and failed relationships.  Everybody at a reunion feels like they are being judged.

Dress in something that makes you feel glamorous and also very comfortable.  You want to feel great and also to fit in.  Carry some pictures of your family and pets, but don't make a big deal out of them.  Mostly be interested in the activities that are planned, try to spend lots of time on the dance floor, and take an interest in and complement other people.  

Try to move around, smile and say Hi to as many people as possible.  I want people to remember how nice the reunion was.  I do my best to connect with people, take an interest in them and make the event enjoyable for everyone.

on 4/10/11 10:29 pm
E velyn
on 4/11/11 5:42 am

I found that the jealousy, cliques, old baggage and drama from high school fades away with time.  Everyone seems genuinely happy to see each other, talk about old times and hear about each other's lives. 

The last reunion I went to was the first one where folks saw me after my weight loss. I wore a dress that made me feel beautiful, had my hair and nails done, and found some fabulous shoes to wear.  I tried to talk to everyone, laughed a lot, danced with anyone that wanted to dance - and sometimes danced by myself   -  and I had a great time. 

You see, I'm the youngest of four kids.  My brother and one sister have died. So, in addition to my reunions,  I also go to theirs in their honor (We grew up in a small town, so I knew their class mates).  It's so sad to see how many people don't get to attend their reunions...

Just go enjoy yourself and celebrate life!