My wedding Dress

on 6/24/11 1:59 pm - Providence, RI
My husband and I have been loving each other for 17yrs ,when we got married we did it in Vegas and we have gone back almost every year since.I would not change a thing it was one of the happiest days of my life BUT........I wanna wear a wedding gown I love the dress I was married in but I was too big for a wedding gown then what do I do?

on 6/24/11 3:53 pm
for the next time you go to vegas, get yourself an awesome wedding dress, go to one of those chapels and renew your vows....


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on 6/25/11 2:47 am - Providence, RI
Thank u I think we will  
Kathleen W.
on 6/25/11 3:07 am - Lancaster, PA
I like that idea of renewing the vows in Vegas.  I can picture you in a really awesome gown for the occasion.  Come to think of it,  I might try and talk my husband into doing that same thing.

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