34 years old and starting to date for the first time.

on 2/24/13 12:09 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
I have lost about 88 pounds this past year and feel great. Now, I'm trying to date and it is kind of a scary thing. I have some sagging skin and my chest is not what it should be. How do I enter into an intimate relationship with all these imperfections...do I tell the person about my surgery, when do I tell them and why do I still feel fat sometimes? There are days when I see how nice I look now but somedays I still feel big. I want to date and meet someone special, but how do I do it following all my recent changes with my body?
Oxford Comma Hag
on 2/24/13 12:19 pm
If you head over to the singles forum you will get more specific responses.

Good luck

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Are you dating people around your age?  Do you think most people in their mid-30's have perfect bodies?  They don't.

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Mary Catherine
on 2/24/13 3:14 pm

You don't need to bring anything up until you know the person and are ready to become intimate.  Then have a heart to heart talk about your insecurities with your body.  A person who understands is worth keeping.  If they walk away because they are not comfortable with your body, you did not lose anything.  But enjoy dating for a while without getting intimate.  Sex brings out a lot of feelings and can create an attachment to the wrong person.  Have fun and don't about your body.

on 2/24/13 7:27 pm - FL

If you allow intimacy to slowly develop after you're in a committed relationship, the loose skin is not going to matter.

A man worth your time and heart is going to look beyond the physical.  What he is going to want from you is a woman who makes him feel that he is the most important man to have ever walked into her life.  He wants to feel your body and heart are all his and he is going to find you beautiful no matter what.

Don't settle for anything less and you'll be fine. 

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