What's up, Doc? One hurdle vaulted, many more to go.


on 1/28/17 7:44 pm - Youngstown, OH

Well, I had my first consult w/ the surgeon Jan. 19th 2017, here in Youngstown, OH, and Dr. Woodruff has accepted me as a patient. Yippee! However, I requested a 2nd consult w/ him because instead of the 90minute session I was told it would be, it was roughly 20 & never got to ask my grocery list length of questions. I was a bit miffed   about that and I felt although he's congenial, he's a bit aloof too [it's not like he had another for two more hours I was informed by a staff member]. I sought out reviews of him on google & OH.com and this seems to be his "M.O.", but he does good work so I've read [no current reviews though on this site.  had to Google for a few recent. [sadly not everyone gives a review.  even searched YouTube.  Zilch.], I've exhausted my other options and this is the best fit for me anyway. The staff member obliged & bariatric nurse obliged & said, "of course they'll set the appt." Since he's only in the office on Thursday mornings, I'll be seeing him Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 8AM.

  So now I've many specialist appointments and tests I must take to meet the surgeon's and my insurance's requirements. Luckily, as I scanned his & my insurance's requirement list, I've accomplished a good number of these in Nov. & Dec. of 2016 and in early January because I was always thinking ahead and recalled what other patients had done. I also met w/ my Pulmonologist and she's faxing him my sleep study results and a letter of CLEARANCE for Surgery.  YAY!  I've since booked the other doctors [these I'll be meeting for the first time] and all will take place during mornings in February and March . Except the support group meetings. Those are on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month @ 6-ish PM. Looking forward to it.  Cheers. 
on 2/20/17 9:36 am
VSG on 02/15/17


I know you are excited I will also be undergoing Surgery this year. I currently live OH as well. Im on my 4th out 6 Month diet.  I have been cleared from everyone except my Nutritionist who stated that I should be cleared after April. Wi**** was alot sooner. 

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