My latest Update!!

Helen C.
on 4/19/11 3:24 am - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
I was officially released from the TPN today and advanced to pureed foods as well. I am so excited to be off of the TPN. My Dr is leaving the central line in place for a month that way it is there in case something comes up and I need it.

I am so happy to have this whole leak issue behind me. I have never once regretted my decision to have the DS but hopefully now I can really start to enjoy it and start reaping the benefits of it as well.

The nurse said today that the weight should start falling off now because I will no longer be getting the "extra" nutrition from the TPN. We shall see but I am extremely optomistic and know that I am going to be healthier and thinner.

Thank you all for your support, prayers, critter swinging and positive thoughts and encouragement.
on 4/19/11 3:36 am - New Orleans, LA
Hang in have only just begun.

D U S T I N  

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on 4/19/11 3:40 am - CA

I'm so happy to read this!

Won against big bad (SoCal) Kaiser for a Duodenal Switch  Haven't heard of DS? Kaiser wants it that way. Come on over & read the truth
Hit goal (Normal BMI) on 2-10-11!    I LOVE my DS!!
My approval process timeline:
02/12/09 - Dr. refused to refer me for WLS
03/03/09 - Vented/whined about it on another board, planned to just wait until next year & switch plans
Let's see what happens!  **updates in blog**
Chad M.
on 4/19/11 3:45 am - Indianapolis, IN
Helen, I'm really happy for you! Don't fret about the line being in. You'll probably have a few more blood draws in the next month if nothing else, so it will have its benefits. I'm sure they told you to keep it flushed. Make sure you do. Mine started to really peter out towards the end.

In my experience, your nurse is right about the weight. TPN bypasses your malabsorption and is FULL of sugar. I actually gained weight on TPN and I was miserable about it. Part of it is real weight, a lot of it is fluid, but it all comes off pretty quickly.
on 4/19/11 4:55 am - Spring, TX

I am so happy for you that things are turning around.  You have been a trooper, and kept up a great attitude the whole time.  Some would have become despondent over what happend, but you never lost your faith in your DS. 

So now you should get your reward.  Laissez les bons temps roules !

on 4/19/11 5:18 am - AL
So good to see such good news.  Woo Hoo!


on 4/19/11 5:23 am - ID
Watch out DS world!  Helen is about to show us how it's done!  So happy for you!


on 4/19/11 5:24 am - Newark, DE
That is wonderful news!!! Yay!!!!
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on 4/19/11 5:29 am
Helen, I am so happy for you, this is trully the best news!
on 4/19/11 6:23 am - Somerset, KY
Helen, this is awesome news! Hold on tight dear!!! HUGS



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