Old timer dropping by! (2006)

on 6/16/24 11:54 am

Hi Everyone..

I'm about 17 or 18 years out from a 2 step DS by Dr. Inabnet at Columbia Presby in NYC. I was very active on the boards for the first few years and then life got in the way. I went from 430 and my current weight is 186. I go up and down between 180 and 190. I need to have some significant spinal cord surgery soon! And I'd like to be about 20 pounds less in order to rehab from it better.6

I tried the search feature in this forum for Wegovy, to see if anyone in this hive mind has any experiences with it. I'm trying to library search any papers on the effect with DS patients but haven't found much. I've been very strict in the past month with high protein low carb food plans but the scales not moving. (My 6 month labs are usually good and only need minor vitamin tweaking once in a while)

Anyone with resources on this to share? Or any practical info! And a very cheery hello if any other old times are still around!


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White Dove
on 6/16/24 5:21 pm - Warren, OH

For us high protein and low carb are healthy options but do not result in weight loss. The only way to lose weight is to consume less calories than we burn. To maintain 186 to 190 you are consuming 1860 to 1900 or more calories per day.

If you cut 350 calories a day you will lose one pound every ten days. Wegovy will cut your appetite and you will easily be able to eat less.

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on 6/17/24 9:40 am - CA

A number of bariatric surgeons out there do promote the use of the GLP-1 inhibitors as a companion to bariatrics, particularly for regain or unsatisfactory post op loss. Dr. Rabkin has mentioned it in the support groups as being appropriate in some cases. You might want to peruse Dr. Keshishian's site; he has an extensive collection of articles and blog posts on a wide variety of related and DS specific issue, so he likely covers it there.

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This is correct.


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on 6/17/24 1:27 pm

Thanks... I'll check that and start reading!

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