Shake cake

on 6/12/11 11:08 am
Hello Everyone!

Could someone tell me what a cake shake is? How do I make it? What are the nutritional facts?

Thank you in advance.

Nurse N.
on 6/12/11 11:20 am
You'll have someone chiming in real soon with the recipe. I know many on this board rave about it. I think Kayla is the inventor of this chocolate creation. I'll be saving this recipe myself to try out preoperatively.


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on 6/12/11 11:31 am - OKC, OK
Yes, this originated with Kayla with some adjustments from Becky. I just made one.

1 scoop protein powder ( I used champion chocolate stack)
1 T dark cocoa
1 T vanilla
3 T vegetable oil
4 T Splenda
1/4 tsp baking powder
Water to thin. 1/8-1/4 c. ( I used about 1/8)

Mix and put in a 16 oz bowl. Microwave x 35 seconds.

23 gms protein. 7 carbs
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on 7/24/11 2:05 am, edited 7/24/11 2:21 am - Reeseville, WI

OMG!!!  Thanks for this.  I feel like I'm eating what I shouldn't be.

ETA:  It was very filling and I couldn't eat the whole thing.  Also, it tasted like the fudge brownies I used to make my kids - the ones with the two cups of sugar per recipe.  The very very center was a little thin and only added to the frosting like texture.

(deactivated member)
on 6/12/11 12:10 pm - Bayonne, NJ
I leave out the splenda and use a flavored DaVinci syrup instead. Lately I've been using sf caramel, but I also like sf pumpkin with my chocolate.
on 6/12/11 12:28 pm - OKC, OK
How much syrup? That sounds good.
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on 6/12/11 1:06 pm - AL
OMG what a good idea (SF CARAMEL).  Gonna try that.


Kayla B.
on 6/12/11 9:37 pm - Austin, TX
tastes good with raspberry syrup too!
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on 6/12/11 12:29 pm - OKC, OK
My question about the syrup posted up at the top. Oh well....
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on 6/12/11 12:34 pm - Bayonne, NJ

I mix the other ingredients, and then eyeball the syrup. When it becomes a thin, brownie-like batter, I know I have enough.
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